La Roque Gageac

Anchored at the foot of a south-facing cliff, the village of La Roque Gageac and its golden houses with slate or brown tile roofs are located in the waters of the Dordogne where, in the 19th century, the famous barges loaded with goods passed .

The village, facing south, enjoys an astonishing microclimate and thanks to a resident of the village, who was the initiator, a garden with Mediterranean and tropical plants was able to grow along the streets. Palm trees, banana trees, date palms, albizias, yuccas, bamboos, oleanders flourish under the Perigord sun.

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Breath of fresh air guaranteed in this paradise, the Most Beautiful Village in France. It is south of Sarlat andLa Roque-Gageac welcomes you to this particularly flowery belvedere village. Discover its harmonious beauty, on foot or by little train, on summer market day, during a stroll or even a hike...
Between its golden stones which drape your gaze, set out to conquer its must-sees, combined with its sublime panorama , Porte des Tours, old windmill, cave, Oustal eco-museum , with its delicious artisanal ice creams on the palate!


The village of Castelnaud blends in with the magic of its undulating landscape.
Nestled in the heart of a superb and bright oak grove, it overlooks the clear meanders of the Céou valley and the majestic Dordogne valley, biosphere reserve.

Nature lovers, leave your medieval armor at the Castelnaud castle and get ready for active exploration! After the castle bar, advance under the arched passages , just to get lost near the picturesque Castelnaud fountain and look... Go down again to the edge of the Dordogne, along small steep paths with large cobblestones, where twigs of grass slip inside. Breathe in the authenticity of the place, between beautiful typical houses.

Beynac and Cazenac

Located in the Périgord Noir on the cliffs of the Dordogne, very close to Sarlat , Beynac-et-Cazenac, classified amongThe Most Beautiful Villages of France in the Dordogne is an unmissable stopover in the Dordogne.
All the charm of this medieval village with its unique character is revealed through its typical houses with slate roofs, its fortified gates , its cobbled streets and squares , its stately chapel which has become the Sainte Marie church, its calvary overlooking the Dordogne, its castle and its exceptionally beautiful panoramas !
Visiting Beynac means following in the footsteps of Richard the Lionheart , Simon de Montfort and his crusaders, Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Hundred Years' War. You will travel through 5 centuries of history , a real journey to the heart of Périgord!
And don't miss the Pays producers' market from mid-June to mid-September on Monday mornings!


Clinging to a rocky spur, above the pines and chestnut trees of the Bessède forest, Belvès has well deserved its name "" beautiful view "" in Occitan.

Dominating in majesty the discreet valley of the Nauze , a tributary of the Dordogne, it presents us with a postcard image upon arrival.

But the view it offers from its summit is still nothing compared to the superbly preserved remains that its visit reveals.

Getting lost in the sometimes steep streets of the "" city of seven bell towers "" promises delightful discoveries in the first sense of the term, between fortified castrum from the 11th century, old city gate, old keep, 15th century bell tower-porch, medieval houses or neo-gothic


Located north of Château de Biron, in the confines of southern Périgord, Monpazier conceals many memories, after 7 centuries of stories...

Born during the beginnings of the Hundred Years' War, Monpazier invites you to stroll between its cart streets and flowering carreyrous , for a moment of delight.

Follow them faithfully, getting lost a little, until you reach its rectangular heart, Place des Cornières , in homage to the four corners of the square which serve as passages. A well and especially its splendid chestnut hall have adorned it since the 13th century, equipped with rare bushels of all sizes. They remind us of the sales of grains, chestnuts, even apples!

You are in the heart of Monpazier, from where the surveyors have traced the straight streets , the eight residential blocks, all forming a checkerboard plan . In short, a country house was born!